S&D group: ”Made in” labelling must be compulsary

Ajankohtaista 12:46

In a crackdown on safety of imported goods, the EU is set to make country of origin labelling compulsory. The requirement could be in force by the end of the year, after a vote in the European Parliament today.The rules will cover goods that could be dangerous if they are of poor quality. They include clothes, textiles, shoes, furniture, jewellery, bags, pneumatic tyres, tools, screws, bolts and components for electric appliances or manufacturing. Country of origin label already appears on some imported goods but the EU does not yet have the compulsory labelling that has been in force in the US since 1930.

Gianluca Susta, S&D rapporteur on ’Made in’ labelling, said: ”This vote is a victory for consumers throughout Europe and a defeat for those who want to cover up safety concerns. At long last, importers will have to meet the same requirements as European companies that export goods. Our firms will be on the same footing as their competitors around the world.

”This is good news for jobs and growth in Europe.”

S&D spokesperson on international trade, Kader Arif, said: ”We need to give people proper information so that they can make appropriate choices. European citizens want goods that are safe and that are produced in acceptable social and environmental conditions.

”Labelling of the country of origin is an important way of responding to people’s concerns on quality and safety.

”This regulation will also help maintain small and medium manufacturers who struggle to preserve traditional and artisanal methods, by giving the chance to EU consumers to decide if they want to pay a little more for European production quality.”