Parliamentary Elections 2019

Humane, Equal and Fair Finland – We Have a Common Goal

In this election, we will define Finland’s direction together

SDP’S WAY TO THE FUTURE consists of work and growth, ecologically sustainable development and social justice. It is, once again, time to build Finland into a country that is humane, equal and fair.

IN A HUMANE FINLAND, everyone gets a living wage and everyone is taken care of. In an equal Finland, everyone has the chance to get an education and follow their dreams irrespective of their age, life situation or income. In a fair Finland, both people and the environment thrive.

WE MUST GET TO WORK NOW. We must fix what is broken. Develop what has to be done better. Reform what is outdated. Finland has always been able to reform and it has been done through joint agreements. We social democrats want to continue on this path.

WE FINNS ARE NOW FACED WITH A CHOICE. Do we choose the current way where Finland’s success factors – equal opportunities, small income disparities, joint agreements, careful legislative drafting and a high level of well-being – are being labelled as burdens? Or do we choose a way to the future where we invest in competence and education, promote a fair working life and create confidence in the future. A way to the future where everyone is carried along.

SDP’S CHOICE IS CLEAR. Let’s choose the way toward a more humane, equal and fair Finland together. A Finland where tomorrow is better than today.

We have a common goal.

Humane, Equal and Fair Finland – Election Manifesto 2019 (pdf)

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