European Elections 2019


The European Union has developed into a significant economic and political body to promote well-being and increase interaction between people, states, and companies, as well as our universal values: democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

The Union and current international cooperation is built on a principle, where rules and agreements are followed. We must hold on to this. International problems can only be solved through cooperation.

Finland’s place in the EU is at the forefront. We must be actively involved in shaping the EU’s future and building a stronger Europe. Finland will hold the EU Presidency in the summer of 2019, and this gives us the opportunity to influence the direction of the EU in the coming years.

We want that, in the 2030’s, the EU is a global leader in values and technology, a place where a high level of competence brings wealth to all. In the coming decade, respect for the EU as a protector of the well-being of every European will be more stable among its citizens.

We want that all Europeans can be proud of both their own home country as well as the entire continent that bears its responsibility and promotes unifying leadership in the entire world.

SDP wants to build a more sustainable world. That is why our election programme is built on the principles of sustainable development. With this programme, SDP wants to highlight the key actions, through which we can defend European values, strengthen European security and promote well-being both within the Union and more widely.

People`s Europe – European Election manifesto 2019

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